Monday, November 10, 2008

Organic cotton takes root in Kutch

Organised cultivation of organic cotton is now taking root in some pockets of the country.
In Rapar taluk of Gujarat’s Kutch district, around 1,000 cotton growers have been granted ‘organic’ certification by Agrocel, an agricultural services provider controlled by the Shroff family of Excel Industries Ltd. The growers signing up with Agrocel have had to follow a five-step process of changeover from conventional pesticide-based farming to organic cultivation of cotton.

“These involve methods such as planting trap crops such as maize (which can attract bollworms and other insect pests away from cotton into areas where they can be controlled before they infest cotton) and attracting beneficial insects such as grasshoppers and bees. Also, they have to reduce usage of fertilisers and pesticides, which are measured through pesticide pollution units

courtesy The Hindu Business line

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